How to Join our Church Membership

United Methodist Church membership is open to any and all who seek the presence of God in their lives. Baptism is a requirement for membership. If you have not been baptized, please contact the pastor to schedule a personal pre-baptism counseling session.

If you have been baptized in any Trinitarian denomination, you are free to join whenever your heart is called to do so, just let the pastor know.

Persons may become members of The United Methodist Church by:

  • Vows and profession of faith
  • Transfer from another United Methodist Church
  • Transfer from another body of the Christian Church
  • The renewal of vows if they have lapsed
  • Affiliate transfer if they are Methodists and will be in town a short while; or
  • Associate transfer if they belong to another denomination and are in town for a short while.

Profession of faith includes:

  • Affirming your baptismal vows through confirmation classes or membership classes
  • Affirming your commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  • Accepting the Old and New Testaments as normative for faith and practice
  • Having a commitment to live the Christian life and remaining a faithful member of Christ’s Holy Church through your prayers, presence, gifts, witness and service.

If you would like to discuss membership with the pastor, the following options are available to you: Call or email to discuss your interest with Rev. Heather E. Rogers in the church office at (304) 277-3332, or email her at Also, every Sunday you have the opportunity to give the pastor a message or note to set up a meeting to talk about joining the church family. Just give it to her or put it in the offering plate.