The Sheepdogs


Jesus Christ is the great shepherd of the sheep. He is our Lord, Savior, Rock, Redeemer, Friend, Master, and Messiah. Jesus is our reason and purpose for all that we seek to do in life. Further, we know our Lord calls each of us to serve him in word and deed by being a Disciple. One of the ways we can be a Disciple and serve the Risen Lord (the Living God) is by being a “Sheep dog.”

What does the sheep dog do? They help the Shepherd herd the sheep, move the sheep, and keep an eye on the sheep. Remember, we are all sheep under the great shepherd. We all need others to help us from time to time, to move us and nudge us when we need it, and we all need someone to check up on us, just to see how things are going in our lives. Also, its good to get news from the sheep paddock (the church) to keep us informed about what is happening at church.

If you are feeling called by God to get involved in the Disciple ministries of loving, caring, and sharing your Christian witness, time, talent, and gifts consider becoming a “SHEEPDOG.” Here is what we are asking you to do:

  1. You will be assigned about ten people, who you will do your best to see if they are in worship. If they miss for two weeks or if you have not heard from them, we want you to make contact with them.
  2. Here is how you make contact- phone call, email, text message, pre-arranged visit, drop off a note, or snail mail them a card.
  3. Also, you promise to pray for your ten people every week.
  4. Further, if in your confidential conversations with your ten people. You find that there is a pastoral concern, you will, with their permission, give the pastor a heads up to make contact with the individual.
  5. There will be training and check in time for all Sheep dogs.  We will equip you to love and serve. We will have a special training/Parties with food about four times a year.
  6. Additionally, we will have a yearly party to celebrate your ministry and to welcome new “Sheep Dogs.”

We will be recruiting and we are asking for volunteers. If you would like more information, click here.